Custom Installation

Custom installation of electronic components and systems is our specialty. We're very comfortable with today's technologies and can install a simple theater system or wire your home with an incredible whole-house control system that we'll customize to fit your lifestyle. And with the latest automation products, we can even help you save on energy usage. Control lighting, HVAC and enjoy whole-house audio through speakers that seem to disappear. The sky's the limit.



Not so long ago, home automation was an extravagance for only the very wealthy. Control4 has changed that with a line of products that can not only make your complicated A/V system a snap to use, it can be expanded to control your home's lighting, energy consumption and tons more! Please make it a point to visit our store and experience Control4. You'll be amazed!


With an extensive selection of speakers to fit almost any custom installation need, Paradigm's performance and value will make your custom project sing.


Want to listen to music files from your computer or internet radio stations on your audio system or in various rooms throughout your home? Sonos has an easy to use system for doing just that.


If you're after the performance level of their cabinet speakers in a custom version, Dynaudio's custom series is the only thing that will do.


For custom installation speakers, Sonance has you covered: traditional in-wall, in-ceiling, invisible, outdoor and specialty architectural speakers for your home.


Started by a group of custom install specialists, SnapAV offers a myriad of CI products to help make your custom project work.


If you crave the refined sonic performance of their cabinet speakers in a custom installation, B&W's custom installation series delivers the level of quality they're known for worldwide.

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